Marguerite reminded me that it’s the weekend and time to post. I know a lot of you post every day – how do you do it? Even if I had the time, I just don’t have that much to talk about. I’d bore you to tears! Not too much exciting going on here. After about a week of mild weather, it turned cold and we even had a smattering of snow on our yard yesterday. The daffodils are up and starting to bloom – I hope they don’t get their little heads bitten off!

This is what I spent today doing:


Some members of our quilt guild met today to work on community quilts. These go to various organizations around town such as the cancer care unit, foster kids, CADA, etc. I finished this quilt top today. I didn’t do all of the hearts, only four of them, made the alternate nine patches and put it all together. I think some kid will really appreciate this bright and cheery quilt! Unfortunately, our church where we were working forgot to tell us that the furnace is broken and we just about froze to death. But we soldiered on! My fingerless mitts came in handy and were borrowed by at least one other quilter.

Most evenings after work I’ve been knitting on Forest Path – now on Tier 6:


I think any questions about construction have been answered (hopefully correctly) and now it’s down to just knitting, knitting and more knitting. Since there’s no way I’ll get this done by September, I will have to put it aside at some time for some baby quilting and knitting, but I’ll still keep it in the picture. We now have an official due date – September 18th. I’ve already got my leave papers in. I’m taking three weeks off so with any luck we can be there when the baby’s born. Now we just have to get the baby on board to arrive on schedule!

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  1. Pretty stuff! The quilt is WOW and Forest Path is looking awesome.

    So you’re one of those bloggers with daffodils? I’m so jealous. Michigan daffodils aren’t bothered at all by a layer of snow, even in bloom. But they know better than to bloom in February.

    September 18 is the perfect date. Your grandchild is due on my 32ed anniversary.

  2. Lovely progress on FPS.

    September 18 is a good date (if only kids were actually born on due dates:). It’s the day I met my husband.

  3. What a beautiful quilt! And the shawl is amazing! I wouldn’t be bored if you posted every day! Does that mean I’m nosey? Anyway, have a great time thinking of your new baby projects, what an exciting time!

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