First FO of the Year

Behold, the first FO of the year:


Plain Jane stockinette socks out of Knit Picks Essentials on size 1 needles.  I started these way back in September when I was in Orlando.

Marguerite commented on my 9 wip’s in Ravelry.  She said that she was amazed that I was so organized that I could keep my place in so many projects.  Well, you know what?  I can’t!  When I pick up a project that I haven’t worked on in months, it takes forever to figure out where I was and what I was doing.  Several days ago I decided to work on the Bright Traditions child sweater.  I was so lost in the directions I ended frogging back several inches to get back to a reference point.  Not good.  I think this was just the incentive I needed to cut way back on my projects.  So, I’m giving another go at limiting my wip’s.  Remember you heard it here first!  I’ve already frogged a couple of projects that just weren’t working and I’m making an effort to complete some of the wip’s that are the closest to being done.  My current emphasis is to finish Abby’s sweater.  I got a lot accomplished yesterday – collar done and side seams sewn:


The sleeves are knitted, I just need to seam and insert.  Of course, then the search is on for a zipper.  I feel a little bad that the weather in Orlando has actually been cold enough that she could have used it this week!

In fact, it was cool enough that the munchkins modeled their Tulip sweaters!


In closing I leave you more puppy cuteness.  In our house we call this "lap full o’ dog":


That’s Kirby in his usual spot, snuggled against me in the recliner.  This is where he is the happiest.  He’d rather do this than anything else, including eating.  He’ll be getting lots of snuggling time because this where I both knit and study.  Classes start tomorrow – my last semester!!!  My main class is "Managing Behavior in Early Childhood".  I also have two seminars to attend and that will be it.  I can’t wait!

13 thoughts on “First FO of the Year

  1. I do so love the picot edge on your socks. Someday I will learn it. The snuggle picture is wonderful. What better way to spend the day that in your chair with your two sweeties. Good luck on your classes. Are you going for a degree? You are one busy person who seems to keep everything so organized. And what can I say about the matching tulip sweaters? Just adorable!

  2. I tried to limit my WIPs to two in 2007, and I had some knitless nights because I was stuck on both. For me it seems that three or four is optimal. Even so, if I have to go back to something after leaving it for a while, I’m always astounded at how sketchy my notes were. When I annotate a pattern while knitting, I think that I’m putting down too many details. Now that I have a personal copier, I am somewhat better. I copy the pattern and use it for my notes (but, of course, there is always the problem of where I put the copy with the notes!).

    The cable on the Bright Traditions sweater is nice–and, of course, the modeling shots are great.

  3. My recent rule is that no matter how many WIPs I have (usually about 4), I must knit at least 1 row on each one every day, so I don’t forget where I am. I have had projects languish so long that it takes me more time to figure out where I am on them, than it would to knit it all over again! NO MORE!!
    Your picot socks and pink cable sweater are beautiful!

  4. Those kids are so cute both the grand kind and the furry kind 🙂

    I love the socks and Abby’s sweater!

    Remember, the self appointed WIP police is watching!

  5. Hey Dorothy!

    Did Isobel have her hair cut? Both girls are adorable in their sweaters. I must start mine sometime. I have decided to keep a log of all the projects that I start. Hopefully it will result in more finished projects.

  6. I have an FO (the Landscape scarf), too, and am working on one more. But I’m starting one more project so I guess it gets cancelled out. I decided to be honest with myself and count the two UFO’s shoved away in a drawer toward my total count and they inspired me to work a little harder on the existing projects.

    Good luck with school. It’s almost over!

  7. Great socks, Dorothy….and Abby’s sweater. Nice work.
    Isn’t Kirby the cutest thing ever? Well, not cuter than those two grandbabies! Enjoy your weekend!

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