Ladybug, Ladybug

More sewing this week – another little dress for Izzy:


Although I’ve mentioned that my class this semester is "hard", in that I’m impatient to get through it, the work is not terribly demanding.  There’s not as much reading as some classes, so it does leave me lots of free time.  I spent last weekend doing some rearranging in my sewing room, so now things are a little more organized and I can enjoy my sewing.

This is not to say that knitting has totally taken a back seat.  I’ve made quite a bit of progress on the back of Torgier:


This is an Elsebeth Lavold design, in Silky Wool, for hubby.  I do love the Silky Wool and I think hubby will like its lighter weight.

I’m getting very excited about next weekend!  Lorette has invited me for the weekend and a visit to the Madrona Fiber Festival!!  Kris from Sonny and Shear will also be visiting from Orlando.  John and Lorette are the most gracious hosts and I am really looking forward to it.  The best part – Maggie has been invited too!  John said he would be willing to puppy sit while we attend the fiber festival.  She can play with Riley and Lorette’s new corgi – Llewy.  This should be quite interesting.  I cautioned Lorette that Maggie is pretty well behaved around here, but she is a puppy still, with puppy manners.  But she said to bring her along.  We’ll see if I ever get invited back after this.  This should be a good experience for Maggie.  We really want to get her used to traveling and this is a perfect opportunity to visit with some dog friendly company.

Maggie is excited, but for now has other things on her mind.  Who is this other puppy and why won’t she play with me?


10 thoughts on “Ladybug, Ladybug

  1. Dorothy, these two dresses are so adorable. I love the “beak” collar, but the lady bugs are adorable. It’s a good thing she doesn’t have to choose between them. I know you can’t wait to deliver them. Your puppy is also quite something. Have fun and count the days ’til your trips – and then GRADUATION! Of course, the knitting is also spectacular. There’s just something about “small.”

  2. How exciting! Sounds like the perfect weekend, for you and Maggie! Love the ladybug dress and the Hubby Sweater. That was my second choice before I picked Ruben.

  3. Maggie is so photogenic and you’ve been taking great pictures of her. This is one of best yet.

    The ladybug dress is super cute. What a fun thing to do with your sewing machine. I’m a total sucker for embroidery. When my kids were little I would sew for them and hand embroider generously. Hum, wonder where those picture are stashed.

    A friend that takes you to a fiber fest and lets you bring your dog is almost too good to be true. Hope you and Maggie have a wonderful time and the weather cooperates.

    We’re having “stay at home” winter weather today in SW Michigan – zero degrees without considering wind chill, snow, and high winds blowing the snow into whiteout conditions. Some churches even cancelled services, a rare occurance here in the middle of the Bible belt.

  4. Oh shoot, there are a few from my ravelry group who are arranging a trip down next weekend, but I can’t go. Lynn is having a surprise 40th b-day party for her boyfriend (I’m SURE he’s not reading this) and I have an all day watercolor workshop.

    You have the best dressed grandkids,

  5. The dress is adorable. Little sister won’t mind inheriting Izzy’s hand-me-downs down the road!
    Having just finished the Urban Vest in Silky Wool, I can attest that it is comfortable and light as a feather.
    Aaaw, Maggie!

  6. That dress is adorable! My daughter (almost 5) came in and said, “Mommy can you make that dress for me today, so I can wear it to church?” :o) I love Elsebeth Lavold’s designs. I can’t wait to see that one finished. And lucky you going to the festival. It’s in my homestate and I’ve never been! Your Maggie is a cutie too.

  7. Just catching up on some blog reading. Your dresses for Izzy are super cute. She’ll look adorable in them. Ivy looks great in her sweater set. Little ones grow much too fast.

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