Lace, Flowers and Fruit

Well, work is still a bit on the stressful side.  I went in yesterday to find that the server had gone down.  It took me about on a hour on the phone with tech support to fix the problem.  Then I come to find out that every computer in the office can connect to the server except mine.  How fair is that?  Another half hour on the phone and it was finally solved.

However, I must be taking it a bit in stride because my brain wasn't sufficiently fried that I couldn't face tackling a new lace project (and inserting some double negatives to keep you guessing).  I started the Heart to Heart scarf by Sivia Harding from my Embrace the Lace club:


I don't know if you can see clearly, but it is beaded.  This is turning out to be a great project.  The yarn, a cashmere blend by Mama Llama is just delicious and once I got used to it, the beading is just motoring along.  I have, however, decided not to take this on my trip to Orlando.  It's definitely not plane knitting – I just see my little tin of beads scattering all over the floor of the plane.  And it's not one to entertain with a toddler around. 

My sister came up this weekend and today we went to a Garden Tour in town.  We saw some beautiful gardens and it gave me a chance to practice with my new camera:


I especially like the last one – the flowers just seem to glow!  When we came home we found that our sweet neighbor had brought over a flat of strawberries for us:


These are local strawberries from a farm just down the road and they are some of the best strawberries I have ever tasted.  Just look at this beauty:


We all had strawberry shortcake for dessert.

I also managed to get a few model shots of Hidcote:


I think I always look a little dorky in the model shorts – I'm just too self conscious!


Next post should be brought to you from sunny downtown Orlando!  We fly out on Saturday morning.  Abby's been tempting us since yesterday with all kind of cute video and audio messages from her new 3G iPhone.  Can't wait to get my hands on those babies!

11 thoughts on “Lace, Flowers and Fruit

  1. Au contraire- you look lovely in Hidcote!
    Your camera is taking some beautiful pictures. Orange + lilies = two of my favorite things, so you know I love that photo too. What are the pink spikey flowers?
    We’re having fresh-picked strawberry shortcake today too, mmmmmm.

  2. Hidcote is gorgeous and looks so pretty on you (believe me, I know what you mean about modeled shots!!)
    Your new beaded lace project is looking beautiful too – Have a great trip!

  3. Lovely….flower photos, knitting, and modeling! (I know what you mean though, about the modeling). You always look great, so don’t worry! I wish I enjoyed lace more. It’s so beautiful, but I struggle so….especially with BG helping! LOL

    Enjoy the grandbabes….and take lots of photos. Love seeing those smiles, and how they’ve grown. Have a great time!

  4. You look just beautiful in your Hidcote! Quit picking on yourself! 🙂 I think it may be a good thing that I don’t know about that lace club! Sivia Harding designs incredible stuff. She’s nice too, she found something I created from one of her patterns, on Ravelry and left me a nice comment! The garden tour sounds fun and I’m enjoying your photos with the new camera!

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