Before it gets better . . .

It's got to get worse – a lot worse!  Hubby and I have been putting off a remodeling project in my sewing room.  We want to put in a new floor and while we're at it texturize two walls that were never done when the house was built and repaint.  Because we knew it was going to be a HUGE hassle, we have been procrastinating.  However, the time has come and it is now.

This is what my sewing room looks like now:


But this is the guest room:


That doesn't include the floor to ceiling bookcases in the bathroom and dining room, or the piles of stuff in the sunroom and our bedroom.  I'm not sure how in the world I fit everything in there!  I did do a lot of cleaning out and have boxes to give away, plus a box of books I sold at Cash 4 Books and some stuff that has  gone to the thrift shop.  I'm already having withdrawal – I really want to sew!  But with a lot of hard work, by this time next week I should be moving stuff back in.

Here's hubby hard at work!


I did get a little sewing done before the big move.  I made a case for my Kindle:



This was the second attempt.  The first was a pouch with some really strange directions.   So far I have to say I love the Kindle.  It took a little getting used to the navigation, but I love how lightweight it is and the ability to store so many books.  I find myself spending way too much time playing word games on it, but I justify that by reminding myself it staves off dementia.  Right?

While hubby is prepping the room for painting, I've been in the kitchen putting together some freezer meals.  A couple of years ago we went to a store called Dinners Ready.  You could go there and put together meals for the freezer.  Then, when you found yourself standing in front of the cupboard wondering "What's for dinner?", you could just pull a meal ready-to-cook out of the freezer.  It was a little more expensive than home made, but not quite as expensive as eating out.  The downside was your choices were pretty limited and the store closed after only a year or so.  But recently I found the site  She has recipes for freezer meals.  After trying a few during December, and being really impressed, I am ready to go for broke.  I put together  15 meals this afternoon! 


Of course, we may end up with take-out tonight because I'll be too tired to cook, but it should keep us in good shape for the next few weeks.  And I'm starting to look at my own recipes with the idea of preparing them ahead of time and freezing.  I'll keep you posted on our progress.



8 thoughts on “Before it gets better . . .

  1. Back when I worked outside the home and long hours I did a lot of freezer meals. What I did was on the weekends I’d make quad batches of things, one recipe on Saturday, one on Sunday and then freezer the rest. Some of our faves were Lasagna, Tuna or Salmon Tetrazini, Quiche, Swedish Meatballs over Egg noodles and of course various soups.

    Wes always likes a hot lunch so he had a freezer full whenever he needed something.

  2. The more you do the freezer cooking, the faster you’ll get. I can now get about 60 meals in the freezer with about an hour’s work. It is the only way I cook. But on cooking day… we eat pizza. Momma too tired to cook. 🙂

  3. Sweet Kindle case!
    I do the freezer thing a lot, too. It’s no more trouble or mess to cook double the recipe and put half in the freezer. It’s so nice, after a long day at work, to have supper all but ready when I walk in the door.

  4. Your sewing room is going to be so nice when it’s done and reorganized that you’ll be glad you did it. What a lot of work though.

    Isn’t retirement relaxing?

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