FO Squared

The quilts are done!  The quilts are done!  I just put the finishing touches on Isobel's and Ivy's quilts:


I have so enjoyed working on these quilts, but it's always nice to see the wrap up (literally) of a project of this magnitude.  Some people would say there's an awful lot of work in quilts that are (with any luck!) going to be loved, washed, dragged around the house and generally used to tatters.  But I enjoyed doing it and I know the girls are going to love them.

In fact, Ivy felt the love before they were even done.  Every time she saw the quilts in progress, she would ask, "Is that quilt for me?"  They stayed at our house this weekend while their house was being painted and she stood right by the sewing machine while I sewed and kept asking, "Is it done yet?  Is it done yet?"


  At one point, I had to declare it done enough for use:


She really didn't care that the quilting wasn't done and the binding wasn't sewn on.  The observant among you may notice that I did not free motion quilt the borders.  In the end I wimped out and did three rows of decorative machine stitching.  About 1/3 of the way through, I realized I could have gotten away with only one row, but by then I was committed.  I think I need a lot more practice free motioning before I'm ready to put it on a quilt that I really care about.

I finished binding them yesterday and made the labels for them today:


As I was sewing on the labels, I realized that I had put in the WRONG YEAR!  Doh!!  However, I am NOT doing them over.  We are just going to chalk it up to a senior moment for Nana and move on!

After doing the Evenstar KAL, I said that I would not do another.  However, I have caved and joined the "In Dreams" KAL.  I'm hoping there won't be quite as much drama with this one and I do so love her designs.  And I certainly don't have to "join" in the discussions (which I probably won't).  I'm still waiting for my yarn – Knit Picks Shimmer in white, but I got my beads yesterday – 5,000 of them!  Off to start stringing them on dental floss.

14 thoughts on “FO Squared

  1. Yay! Finishing one quilt is satisfying – finishing two at once is perfectly glorious!
    Both are just beautiful. The girls will enjoy them so much!
    (When I presented my grandkids with quilts I’d made, I told my daughter not to put them away to save. I’d rather the quilts were worn to tatters with love than preserved in a drawer somewhere…)

  2. WOW what an amazing Nana you are!!!
    I LOVE the photo of your little granddaughter snuggled under the unbound quilt 🙂

    PS – Have fun with the lace KAL – I’m jealous!

  3. These gorgeous gifts will be cherished. I still have a simple quilt my grandma made me 42 years ago. And you worked on the quilts in 2010 so it could be accurate to an archivist.

  4. What fabulous quilts, Dorothy! I love them both. Am dying to see a project that requires 5000 beads! How long will it take to string them?

  5. Beautiful quilts. I am catching up & read post after this one also. Both girls will treasure them for a long time (even if not so much right now…lol). Kids. Gotta love em

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